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Your Traction

Investing too much time and money to an idea that will never pick up hurts.

Playgroundera helps you smoke test that idea effortlessly. Setup a simple landing page, collect emails from interested users and you're on your way to a startup success!

Time And Effort

Don't waste time with designing and building a landing page.

Don't try to figure out how to integrate sign-up forms.

Spend less time with tools and focus on the idea itself.


Coding Required

Playgroundera is a 100% no-code tool. Design a landing page and a sign-up form visually, without ever touching a single line of code.

Don't waste time developing before you have a proven idea in your hands.

Our Features

Expose your idea

Set up a simple landing page with your value proposition. It's enough to prove some traction.

Build your audience

Let visitors sign-up to a waitlist. Reach out to them like a newsletter any time you like.

Use your own brand

Use a custom domain of yours, alongside a subdomain that you get by default.

Drive traffic

Organic traffic is a killer. Let people find you thanks to the blog posts you can create.

Secure and GDPR Compliant

A SSL certificate along with GDPR mandatory policy pages, cookie consent and GDPR mandatory features in the emails all come by default.

Single click, ready in minutes

Get all those cool features with a single click. No coding. Everything will be setup within minutes.

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